Grid Monitor for ERCOT

Grid Monitor for ERCOT collects, organizes and continuously tracks your ERCOT Regulatory projects of interest with filings, agendas, curated news and original reporting across all three relevant regulatory venues — ERCOT, PUCT and TX State Legislature — in one, easy-to-use platform.

Smart Agenda

Save time and stay productive. Whether you're researching past meetings or watching meetings live, Smart Agenda brings the agenda to life with video clips, news, filings, events, and more in one easy-to-use view for each agenda item across ERCOT, PUCT, and the Texas State Legislature.

My Project Tracker

Keep a pulse on what matters. Access a comprehensive download of every filing in the system and track what is important to you. Never miss a mention of a docket, control number, or bill and gain easy access to its specific filings, video clips, related news stories, original content, and relevant external documents.

News & Content Curation

Gain insights and knowledge. Grid Monitor’s team of Energy Information and IT professionals work day-to-day to track the actions of ERCOT, PUCT, and Texas State Legislature to provide you with the most important news, original reporting and analysis pieces, archived news, and a daily newsletter of top industry news delivered straight to your inbox.

Activity Notifications

Stay informed on your filings of interest. Leverage daily email notifications to alert you and your team to changes, activity, and updates to any specific dockets, bills, or control numbers of interest that you follow and track in the system.

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