June 26, 2019

Greetings ERCOT Market professionals!

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that Mark Bruce and I will be attending the TREIA GridNEXT ’19 Conference this week at the International Center in San Antonio. Mark and I look forward to seeing you and updating you on our progress to date as well as our roadmap for the next six months. 

Grid Monitor for ERCOT is a software-as-a-service offering designed to save ERCOT practitioners and market watchers valuable time in their regulatory research activities, while also keeping them informed of relevant news and original insights.  Grid Monitor subscribers benefit from having three regulatory silos/venues scraped into one indexed data set that has been linked, tagged and curated to give users a 360-degree view of activity from legislation to commission to ERCOT working groups, including Smart Agendas and relevant video clips at your fingertips. 

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for a free trial, please give it a look. Our only goal in building this product is to save to valuable time versus the current manual and tedious status quo. It is important to save oneself from drudgery, but it is just as important to stay on par or ahead of your peers. Grid Monitor will help you do that. 

Here’s to converting low-value time to high-value time by eliminating the clickathon across three complicated venues!

Looking forward to seeing you in San Antonio!

Jim and Mark

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