Grid Monitor for ERCOT debuted at Spring ’19 GCPA in Houston from 4/15-4/17 at the Hilton of the Americas.

It was a well-attended event with almost 500 industry insiders attending.


This conference was my 2nd GCPA event, having attended the Fall event in Austin.


While the size of the audience and quality of the speakers, and the overall excellent organization of the event, were comparable, the biggest difference to me was the composition of the audience. Austin tended towards regulatory specialists in PUCT, ERCOT and associated working groups. Houston seemed to be teeming with traders, investors, and developers. It was a refreshing change.


Grid Monitor for ERCOT was initially designed for the ERCOT specialist to have access across the three regulatory silos of PUCT, ERCOT and the Texas Legislature while linking and curating bills, dockets and control numbers, with agendas, video clips, curated news, and relevant external documents.


As we have interacted more and more with the various constituencies of the market, it has helped us to expand the focus and benefits of the platform to address a wider audience.


While we still excel at delivering dockets, filings and streaming meeting content, we are getting better at capturing timely issues affecting the trading and investment players in the market… things like ORDC, marginal losses, real-time co-optimization, peaker net margin, congestion revenue rights, etc.… become much more interesting to market watchers.


And, what an exciting time to be in ERCOT… EV infrastructure is emerging in working groups. Renewables are rapidly proving themselves a fixture in the market. Utility-scale storage is setting new worldwide records for size of install as West Texas extraction puts more and more load into the grid.


Workflow integration and productivity. Curated, timely market news. Smart Agendas and video streaming… These are all amazingly powerful and will save time and improve outcomes, but one of the best and unique parts of the Grid Monitor experience validated over 30+ demos at GCPA, was the original insights and analysis from the Grid Monitor team. Mark Bruce’s piece on Solar planning zones, compiled into one slide from several presented at a recent TAC, gives a comprehensive yet concise graphic about the progress of solar investments in ERCOT across relevant planning zones.


If you haven’t given the product a try, please do so now. We are currently in the middle of a free trial offer period. Sign up with no obligation or commitment. If you would like a one-on-one walk-through of the product as you begin, just give us a shout. Or you can peruse our slide show overview of the key features of Grid Monitor for ERCOT.


Thank you all for attending and making Spring ’19 GCPA such a tremendous event for Grid Monitor!