Mark Bruce, Chief Product Officer, Shares his Vision for Grid Monitor

I should probably be happier about my first blog post on the Grid Monitor page than I am. Perhaps the anxiety of showing people my baby for the first time is overriding the excitement of the fact that we are actually live, having soft-launched a few months ago and having shown Grid Monitor around the Gulf Coast Power Association 2019 Spring Conference.


Those of you who know me are probably chuckling that I have somehow been convinced by my Grid Monitor colleagues to blog in this space from time to time. The Bruce? Blogging?


While it is true that I am not exactly known for my digital prowess or social media savvy, I have had the great fortune to find a place on this Grid Monitor team full of people who more than complement those deficiencies of mine. These folks have built a real workhorse and I will be excited to bring updates to this space in the future to share the cool stuff we’re adding as we grow and improve.


We’re hearing from many of you now that the recently added Filter function within the Search and Follow modules makes it lightning-quick to find specific bills or filings from within a long list. A great step towards our primary goal – helping you cut through the clutter.  Every time we save you a click, every time we shave seconds, minutes, even hours from the time it takes to get the information you need, we’ve done what we came to do.


For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve had a pretty good run these past few decades sticking choice phrases into PURA down at the Texas Capitol, amending rules over at the PUCT, and drafting my fair share of revision requests at ERCOT. I’ve staffed legislative committees, worked in-house for a major generator, chaired more ERCOT committees than I can recall, and represented and collaborated with market participants and market watchers across the full spectrum of activity in the ERCOT region. My role in the Grid Monitor effort thus far has largely been to help design the product I wish I’d had at my fingertips all this time.


To the extent that the product still looks and feels a little rough around the edges, I offer my apologies. Our efforts to date have been focused far more on function than form, choosing substance over style – really just to see if we could do it. Is it possible to unify the entire universe of ERCOT workflow in one place? Is it possible to connect the bills to the rulemakings to the NPRRs in an intuitive way? Setting aside my apprehension about finally unveiling a few years’ worth of moonlighting activity to my peers in the space, I think we are well along that path. I hope you agree.


Whether you do or not, we’d like to hear your opinions about Grid Monitor. Subscribers and trial users can click the Feedback box in the left-hand navigation bar any time and drop us a line about what works and what doesn’t and especially any thoughts on what is missing. We’ve got a long list of improvements to come and we’d be happy to add your suggestions to the mix. Like everything else in the ERCOT stakeholder process, the best results come about when we all put our ideas on the table.


If you haven’t tried Grid Monitor yet, click that free trial button that my marketing savvy friends have placed all over this website. Take it for a test drive and tell us what you think. In the meanwhile, we’ll keep pushing new content and new features to the product – hopefully becoming the product you wish you’d always had at your fingertips.