July 17, 2020

Texas Public Utility Commission extends Covid protections to August 31, 2020 (P-50664)

by Kelso King, Grid Monitor
Source – Grid Monitor
Posted 07/17/2020

Chairman Walker’s Memo

Prior to the Open Meeting, Chairman Walker filed a memo proposing the adoption of three orders related to Covid-19:

1.    approving an exception to a rule that allows electric utilities to disconnect electric service of residential customers for nonpayment until August 31, 2020. All retail electric providers must also continue to offer deferred payment plans to customers, upon request, until further order of the Commission.

2.    extending the COVID-19 Electricity Relief Program (ERP) until August 31, 2020. Each Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU) may book a regulatory asset or regulatory liability for any final under- or over-collection of expenses incurred in connection with the ERP and may seek recovery of such asset in the next distribution cost recovery factor (DCRF) or base rate case.

3.    revoking a previous order suspending certain procedural rules. Chairman Walker explained that the ability to operate under the state of disaster has improved and a suspension of filing deadlines is no longer required. However, she recommended continued electronic filings for non-confidential matters.

Open Meeting Discussion

Chairman Walker noted that she had filed a memo recommending adoption of three new orders.

Commissioners D’Andrea and Botkin agreed with the proposed orders.

The proposed orders were approved.

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