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Explosion of batteries in the ERCOT interconnection queue

Mark Bruce Source – Grid Monitor Posted 12/09/2019 Encouraging stakeholders to keep their feet on the gas, ERCOT provided an update on the number of battery projects flooding into the generation interconnection queue to the Battery Energy Storage Task Force (BESTF, or “BEST Force” in stakeholder parlance) on Dec. 6.  The BESTF is moving quickly to update ERCOT’s underdeveloped market rules and systems for battery

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See related news, filings, and more with each agenda item in real time. Makes catching up and research easier than ever. One window replaces 3 different websites on your screen – compact, efficient, intuitive.

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Control numbers are linked across multiple platforms and venues. See at a glance the Senate Bill that spawned a rule-making which begat a Protocol revision which necessitated a guide revision. Subject matter links dramatically reduce research time requirements – spend less time digging and more time thinking and analyzing.

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Search legislative, PUCT, and ERCOT material in one convenient place.


Live, archived and replay streaming videos of ERCOT, PUCT and Texas Legislative Sessions.

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Original reporting and analysis by genuine ERCOT subject matter experts with decades of experience in the Texas market. Curated links to third-party content – no more sifting through pages of irrelevant headlines. All content is thoroughly tagged and linked to related content, simplifying research.


All relevant information automatically gathered in one place at your fingertips – filings, news clips, reports, video clips. Following dashboard tells you at a glance whether there has been any movement on your issues. Archive your issues for one-touch recall – all relevant material stays together for easy access anytime.

About us

Grid Monitor has been developed by a team of Energy Information and IT professionals who work day-to-day to track actions of ERCOT and the PUCT and have created Grid Monitor to help them do their job.

Our initial target users were regulatory process participants in ERCOT – lawyers, consultants, lobbyists… We have expanded the use case and appeal to cover other interested parties – traders, developers, investors/equities analysts.

Our mission

Electric Power is a regulated industry — with governmental, quasi-governmental and industry participants — that affects every consumer in every market. The information flows are highly fragmented at every level from legislation to operations. Grid Monitor provides easier access to this information — for the professionals and participants at every level.