About Grid Monitor

Welcome to Grid Monitor for ERCOT.

We are here to solve problems. We are here to help. We believe in solving problems that shift work from low-skill, time-consuming, error-prone data collection and organizing and updating of information… to more time spent advising, developing quicker insights, faster response times, more quality outcomes in impactful activities. 
External Regulatory Information management is a problem that spans all Market Participants. We continue to believe that creating an automated data platform designed to serve the common information needs of all Market Participants that lowers costs and increases quality outcomes, is worth pursuing. 
Our service is continuously collecting relevant information from ERCOT, the Public Utility Commission of Texas and the Texas Legislature. We connect meetings to filings to news articles by creating one central repository of hard-to-find information — filings, parties, streaming public meetings, reporting, news and relevant social feeds.
Our corporate purpose is to save industry and markets meaningful amounts of time by reducing the number of clicks between professionals, teams, and associations and their interwoven yet decentralized regulatory information needs.