Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about Grid Monitor.

Where can I find a list of the videos available on GRID Monitor?

To see past videos and a schedule of upcoming events, use the GRID Monitor calendar to display all of the events. You can choose what type of event you want to display by selecting/deselecting the check mark that appears just above the list of events. The default is to display all events in all categories.

How often does GRID Monitor create original content like GRID Monitor Power Insights?

We are excited to offer our GRID Monitor Power Insights as exclusive content for the GRID Monitor Users. There is no set production schedule, which allows us to be fluid with the power market. When topics are discussed during committee meetings or in the Texas House/Senate chambers, will first have those topics available in articles posted on GRID Monitor as part of our exclusive curated content. Then we will create GRID Monitor Power Insights as a way to summarize those events. If you would like to see specific video content, please contact for more information or use our contact us form.

Can I download the video from Grid Monitor?

The video content on GRID Monitor cannot be downloaded from our platform. GRID Monitor can provide a copy of the archived video for a fee. Please contact for more information or use our contact us form.