Jim Curtin

Jim Curtin

Jim is CEO of Grid Monitor

Greetings ERCOT market professionals.


Welcome to Grid Monitor for ERCOT.


Grid Monitor is a software-as-a-service product for industry professionals in the ERCOT market.


Our initial target users are regulatory process participants in ERCOT – lawyers, consultants, lobbyists. We have expanded the use case and appeal to cover other interested parties – traders, developers, investors/equities analysts.


ERCOT is a unique and exciting market and many groundbreaking issues will be tackled in the coming year. The best way to leverage all this excitement is with a modern, intuitive, flexible, search, follow and notification system that automates and standardizes much of your calendar and workflow.


While we understand that many practitioners operate on auto-pilot, muscle-memory or old habits — wrestling the cumbersome, if slowly improving systems of ERCOT, PUCT, and the Legislature; we aspire to unchain you from inefficient habits by offering “one pane of glass” to follow and manage all three regulatory silos in an aggregated and efficient manner. Saving time on drudgery frees time for a more thoughtful and valuable work product.


One of the pieces that set us apart is that we are not only a modern, intuitive, search, follow and notification system, we are also staffed with subject matter experts in each venue. We provide original reporting, interviews, and insights from subject matter experts across the spectrum of technical workshops, to legislative outlooks, to big-theme illumination.


Grid Monitor for ERCOT is unique in providing curated content, original content and a curated data set (dockets, filings, video clips, etc..) all organized in an aggregated, linked and 360-view presentation of dockets and issues.


Sound good? But, even better, is the productivity savings we are seeing from our early adopters. Reduce PUCT meetings prep time from hours to minutes; reduce client response prep time, in one case, from an estimated 6 hours of concentrated drudgery to 30 minutes while multi-tasking.


Our goal is to provide a product that dramatically improves productivity in accessing and tracking critical filings, hearings, news, and events related to dockets and control numbers, or for major initiatives/topics/themes in the market… things like ORDC, EV infrastructure, Utility-scale Storage, renewables, etc… following parties and players is easy too…


The major components of the product are Smart Agenda, Smart Follow, and aggregated Search. Each one of these is unique and elicits “wows” from people when the lightbulb goes off – usually, to the question of, “how is this different from PUCT follow?” “Or how is this different from watching hearings and meetings on Admin Monitor?”


This is probably a good time to emphasize how accessible we are. If you have any questions, any issues or feedback, please email any of us, but preferably me, at and I would be happy to help you or quickly find someone who can.


Along those lines, besides retraining your muscle memory, another key part in our success strategy is to enthusiastically solicit feedback — ways for making the product work better for you — from “how do I do this?” questions, to “can you make it do this?” —  ie. a new feature or capability request. We are extremely appreciative and responsive to our user feedback and suggestions, and we’re confident this will enable us to deliver the best, continuously improving product possible.


And, yes, our ambitions do go beyond ERCOT. We are planning to expand to the other North American ISOs, in addition to other regulated industries/verticals, later this year. As of this launch, however, our aim is to be the best product possible for ERCOT, PUCT and the energy-related legislation in the current 86th Texas Regular Legislative Session.


Thank you for your interest! If you haven’t already purchased the product and would like a free trial, please click here to sign up.